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$31K in Scholarships Awarded to Class of 2020

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The MTEF awarded $31,000 in scholarships to the MTHS Class of 2020 thanks to our generous scholarship sponsors. To date, we have awarded a total of $202,000 in scholarships to MTHS graduates.

  • The Hesse Family Scholarship - Christopher Tabussi

  • Charles J. Hesse III Memorial Scholarship - Amara Caccam

  • MTEF Dr. William E. DeFeo Scholarship - Marissa Campana

  • Lakehurst-Manchester Lions Club Scholarship - Rory Dunckley

  • River Pointe Men’s Club Scholarship - Alexa Bachonski, Nicholas Kurth, Jack Lynch, Nicole Palmiotto

  • River Pointe Women’s Club Scholarship - Karl Bermudez, Elizabeth Ciocher

  • Nicole Denise Romanelli Memorial Scholarship - Brooke Olsen

  • Senior Citizens Club of Crestwood Village IV Scholarships - James Bennett, Jared Kilfeather, Krystal Sears, Honey Stukes, Gabrielle Wetzel, Annalisa Zolezi

  • Vietnam Veteran, Capt. Walter Brian Moderack Memorial Scholarship - Sarah Donahue

  • World War II Veteran, Sgt. Walter A. Moderack Memorial Scholarship - Corinne Peti

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