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MTEF Awards $46K in Scholarships

MTEF presented $46,000 in scholarship awards to 24 students in the Manchester Township High School Class of 2021 at Senior Awards Night.

The following scholarship were awarded:

  • Charles J Hesse III Memorial Scholarship - $10,000 to Nicholas Isphording

  • The Hesse Family Scholarship - $10,000 to Elizabeth Oliver

  • Whiting Volunteer First Aid Squad Elsie Layendecker Memorial Scholarship - $10,000 to Naya Darnowski

  • Whiting Volunteer First Aid Squad Elsie Layendecker Memorial Scholarship - $1000 each to Cassandra Mc Dermott, Morgan Brustman, Helena Staples, Mia Perez

  • Whiting Volunteer First Aid Squad Elsie Layendecker Memorial Scholarship for Trade School - $1000 to Ryan Luft

  • MTEF Dr. William E. DeFeo Scholarship - $1000 to Crystal Kilfeather

  • Senior Citizens Club of Crestwood Village IV Scholarships - $500 each to Michael Lanfranco, Christopher Grille, Morghan Causer, Claudia Wallace, Emily Barron, Kelly Feehan

  • Riverpointe Men’s Club Scholarships - $500 each to Holly Jorgenson, Samantha Gravatt, Alex Peluso, Daniel Sinton

  • Riverpointe Women’s Club Scholarships - $1000 each to Alex Peluso, Jillian Peslak

  • Nicole Denise Romanelli Memorial Scholarship - $1000 to Ashley Proveaux

  • Vietnam Veteran Captain Brian Moderack Memorial Scholarship - $500 to Dillon Betts

  • WWII Veteran Sgt. Walter A Moderack Memorial Scholarship - $1000 to Moon Patel

“MTEF would like to thank all of our generous scholarship sponsors for their support of our students year after year,” said MTEF President Jeff DeSimone.

“This year, we especially want to thank Whiting Volunteer First Aid Squad for donating $250,000 to MTEF to provide scholarships to MTHS seniors for many years to come. Whiting First Aid chose to donate the funds to MTEF after the squad was dissolved when Manchester went to a paid EMT squad. They asked us to award these scholarships in memory of Elsie Layendecker, a Whiting resident who made a generous bequest to the squad when she died in August of 2018. Ms. Layendecker served in WWII as a Marine Sergeant. She was also a teacher, and this prompted the Squad to remember her by granting scholarships.”

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