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Whiting First Aid Donates $250K for Scholarships

MTEF would like to thank Whiting Volunteer First Aid Squad, which generously donated $250,000 to MTEF to provide scholarships to MTHS seniors for many years to come. The volunteer squad chose to donate the funds to MTEF after it was dissolved when Manchester went to a paid EMT squad.

The MTEF will award these scholarships on behalf of the Whiting First Aid Squad in memory of Elsie Layendecker, who made a generous bequest to the squad. Ms. Layendecker was living in a senior residence in Whiting when she died in August of 2018 at the age of 95. We know that she was a Marine and served in WWII, and earned the rank of Sergeant. She was also a teacher, and this prompted the Squad to remember her by granting scholarships.

This year, the fund will provide $25,000 in scholarship awards to the MTHS Class of 2021.

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