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2011-12 Grant Awards Total $6,063

MP3 Players, iPads, VReaders, a Demonstration Camera, Pre-School Math materials, and funding for an Anti-Bullying program at the high school were among the items provided to the school district this year by the Manchester Township Educational Foundation. In a presentation at the January BOE meeting, MTEF President,Ken Palmer, and Vice President, Jeff DeSimone, awarded $6,063 in grant checks to teachers and staff.

Palmer said that the MTEF was happy to be able to provide funds for all of the mini-grants submitted in the Teacher Mini-Grant Program this year, as well as the additional funds for Challenge Day.

Superintendent of Schools,David Trethaway, expressed his appreciation to the MTEF on behalf of the BOE, the students, the staff, the parents and the community for the work they do to support the school district.

Nine grants were awarded:

Jennifer Gilbert & Toni Basile, 2nd Grade Teachers at MTES, received $968 for MP3 Players, books and other equipment for two classroom Listening Centers, to allow children to listen to audio books and follow along in the print version. Basile said that they are currently using outdated cassette players and they look forward to using the new equipment every day.

Maureen Rubin, Kindergarten Teacher at MTES, received $500 for VReaders, which she described as “a younger version of the Kindle,” and funds to purchase books on the readers.

Maureen Knapp, 3rdGrade Teacher at MTES,received an iPad, valued at $529. She said students would use it for writing and math activities and would use the built-in camera for projects.

Crystal Policastro, 2nd Grade Teacher at Ridgeway School, received 2 iPads, valued at $1058. She said both she and her students are very excited to use all kinds of applications on the iPads and that she would also be able to use them with her classroom projector.

Raquel Bachonski, 5thGrade Teacher at Ridgeway School, received an iPad, valued at $529. She said she would use it for all kinds of activities in all subject areas and that her students would be so excited when she surprises them with the iPad tomorrow.

Melissa Kelley, 4thGrade Teacher at Ridgeway School, received $404 for an iPodListeningCenter. She said she would download audio versions of print books she already has her in classroom so students could listen and follow along.

Ruth Kennedy, Preschool Teacher at Ridgeway School, received $175 for materials for a Preschool Math Program. She said that she was inspired to apply for the grant after attending a meeting about improving math test scores, where it was noted that the early years before testing begins can set important foundations for success.

Pat White, Physics Teacher at MTHS, received $400 for a Demonstration Camera. She said that the camera has multiple uses including being able to digitize documents and recording video for science experiments that can then be sped up or slowed down for observation.

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